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Why and How to Get a Loan on Your Crypto

Crypto loans usually come from collateralising crypto assets. In traditional fiat currency loans, assets normally take the shape of a home or business. The main benefit of crypto lending is that you don’t have to sell any of your assets.

February 10, 2020

Why is it beneficial not to sell my crypto?

Given that most investments increase over time, you may not want to sell before they reach maturity. A loan does not involve a taxable event, so it won’t attract capital gains tax. In addition, forks which occur during the term of your loan may be passed back to you.

What do I need?

In some cases, you don’t need good personal credit or even a bank account. However, it can take a few days to get the go ahead, and your interest rates could be high, at least initially.

What can the loan be used for?

Loans are often used to invest in real estate. Other reasons include paying tax bills and financing different investments.